The conference will be on May 22-24 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). Before the conference, there will be a two-day school (Monday and Tuesday). The school is oriented to graduated students with an interest in Combinatorial Optimization. The school's theme is "Combinatorial Optimization and Machine Learning", with lectures by two well-known experts:

Amitabh Basu (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA)

* Andrea Lodi (Cornell Tech and Technion, New York, USA)

Each expert will teach 8 hours in one day.


Students interested in this school should submit an application to   before 29 February 2024. They will get an answer (acceptance or rejection) before 15 March 2024. Accepted applications should complete the school registration (pay 200€) before 31 March 2024. Note that registration is also possible in April or May, but then the amount to pay for the school is higher (300€).

Students willing to participate both in the School and in the Conference must do both (two) registrations: one for the School and another for the Conference. 

Students willing to participate in one event (either the School or the Conference) must be registered in that specific event only.