The conference welcomes talks presenting results in all areas of combinatorial optimization and its applications. Each talk must be submitted following the instructions on this web. Each submission will be evaluated (accepted or rejected) by members of the Program Committee. ISCO2024 admits two types of submissions:

* Extended abstracts (up to 3 pages). The submission deadline is 15 February 2024 before 23:59 (CET). Accepted "extended abstracts" will be published online on the conference website (and will not be included in the LNCS issue). 

* Regular papers (up to 12 pages). The submission deadline is 31 December 2023 before 23:59 (CET). Accepted "regular papers" will be published by Springer in a LNCS issue. For an accepted "regular paper" to be included in the LNCS issue, it should be presented at the conference by one of the authors who has to complete the conference registration (pay) before 31 March 2024. It is not allowed to submit a "regular paper" that has been submitted to a journal or another conference with proceedings published before the ISCO 2024 notification date. The authors of accepted "regular papers" will have to complete and upload their camera-ready version by 15 April 2024.  Appendices are allowed only if they fit within the 12-page limit in total. Please, read the Guidelines. Submissions not following these guidelines will not be considered. Each submission will be reviewed by three anonymous reviewers. The main acceptance criteria are the quality and originality of the results and their relevance to the community. A "regular paper" submission will not be considered in any of the following cases: (i) it has already been published; (ii) it is under review by a journal or another conference with proceedings; or (iii) if it is submitted after the submission deadline. 


The submission of "regular papers" and "extended abstracts" is managed using EquinOCS Springer Nature Conference Proceedings Submission System. Authors should consult Springer’s authors’ instructions and use the proceedings templates, either for LaTeX or for Word, for the preparation of their papers. Once you click on the Submission link, you will be guided to the EquinOCS Login page, which will open in your browser. Click on the green button “Submit Now”. If you already have an account at EquinOCS you will be asked to Login. After Login, you can upload and submit your manuscript. If you do not have an account at EquinOCS yet, please follow the EquinOCS registration process. Once your account has been created, an email will be sent to the email you have stated in the registration process. Follow the instructions in this email to activate your account and submit your work to ISCO2024. Refer to the EquinOCS user guide for more information.




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You can find examples of accepted "regular papers" in previous ISCO editions at