Invited Research Conversations

The Invited Research Conversations are spaces where researchers who have been working empirically in the field for some time come together to discuss and reflect on key problematics and some of the specific academic conversations (e.g. methodological, theoretical, ideological, pedagogical) they have engaged with and why. There will be two Invited Research Conversations during PRISEAL V.


Research Conversation 1

Working at long conversations about academic writing for publication: the value of longitudinal research

Forjando largas conversaciones sobre la escritura académica para publicación: el valor de la investigación longitudinal

Theresa Lillis, Professor Emerita, The Open University, UK and Mary Jane Curry, Associate Professor, University of Rochester, USA.


Research Conversation 2 

From Contrast to Interculturality: exploring research genres in Spanish and English

Desde el enfoque contrastivo a lo intercultural: explorando géneros de investigación en español e inglés

Ana Isabel Moreno, Professor, University of León, Spain

Sally Burgess, Associate Professor, University of La Laguna, Spain